123 | 365

123 | 365, a photo by kelsimad on Flickr.

Olympus E-500
Zuiko 50mm f/1.8
Photoshop CS2

This was a crazy, long Saturday. It started early with going to the opening of Redmond Saturday Market. Every year the mayor welcomes everyone to the first day and the Redmond High School Pep Band plays. It’s a lot of fun. We have a really great band and director.

Saturday Market was followed by a quick menu planning session then I ran to get groceries for the week. As soon as I had those dropped off at the house I ran to the transit center to catch a bus to Seattle to get materials for as assignment that’s due on Tuesday. I made the trip in record time managing to only have 1-10 minute waits for buses. Hooray for an away Mariners game, traffic was really light.

As soon as I was back from Seattle we ate an early dinner so that we could go to city hall for a play and cake picnic. We got drenched on the way there, we were late so the play was making absolutely no sense, and when the cake picnic started one lady tried to tell me that we were no longer sharing cakes, we were supposed to just eat the one we brought. WHAT?! I came to share! Anyway, Grayson and I  cut into the three-layer chocolate beauty that we were eyeballing anyway. Everyone was just eating whatever they wanted too so I don’t know what was up with her. It was a weird event but I loved the fact that they had the streets around an entire block closed off from traffic that we promenaded around at one point, they had a May pole, and we all brought cake! If we had been on time to catch the whole play and it hadn’t been sprinkling/down pouring it would have been a lot better.

I really love this town we live in and all the events we get to enjoy. I feel extremely blessed to be here.


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